The Stoglin Group

We make difference-making more than an exercise.

Company Profile

Our Mission

The Stoglin Group, Incorporated has leadership development and crisis management at the core of our business. Additionally, we provide racial and religious training in the workplace. The Stoglin Group, Incorporated believes citizens should be involved in the process of making their city, workplace and personal environment a great place in which they can thrive.

Plutarch, the Greek philosopher put it this way, “You cannot be a leader, and ask other people to follow you, unless you know who to follow, too. Or, in the words of my drill instructor, Gunny Marine Sergeant Bill Crawford, who said loud and clear, “Listen up you; if you cannot follow then you cannot lead.” Hence leadership has to be defined, acted upon and implemented with strategic applications. The Stoglin Group’s primary mission is to teach others how to take on the role of “Leader,” in this ever expanding global economy.

Six Areas of Expertise

The Stoglin Group teaches that leaders must have a minimum of six areas of expertise if they hope to “make difference-making more than an exercise.” Thus, leaders are: Readers – reading brings ideas
Thinkers – thinking, after all, is fundamental. Physically Able – not only are drugs addictive, but disabling. Mentally Stable – for such creates balance. Rudyard Kipling spoke of it eloquently in his poem, “If” when he said, “to keep your head about you when others are losing theirs,” speaks volumes of the importance of stability during a chaotic time. Open to New Ideas – After all, believe it or not, none of us are God. Spiritually Connected – A Native American saying states, “May you go in beauty. And, as you go, may you plant flowers so that others may enjoy them. And, as you go, may beauty go with you. “Yatta Hay” (for all my relations) (a Navaho blessing)..”


The Stoglin Group also stresses that leaders have purpose; who wants to follow someone who attempts to emulate a ship without a rudder? Such lack of direction creates nothing short of a meaningless circle. Leaders are culturally aware. The learning of other cultures is humanity’s gift which helps us/others to grow beyond the “idea of me.” A Japanese Proverb states, “Vision without action is a day dream.” “Action without a vision is a nightmare.”

Our Objective

When I was in Kabul, Afghanistan, 330 days boots on the ground, my protective gear weighted 80 pounds, each of my security team’s gear weighed 140 pounds, yet we had to climb up six flights of stairs to visit with my military principal on a regular basis. While serving as a senior military advisor to a senior general of the Afghanistan National Army.

Much like that unforgettable Afghanistan
experience, it is the objective of the Stoglin
Group to help others climb the steps to success, no matter the obstacles or challenges. This is why the Stoglin Group echoes the words of Frederick Douglass, “It is not the heights you have climbed, it is from the depths you have risen.”

The Stoglin Group continues on its journey to teach others that “difference-making is more than an exercise.”