The Stoglin Group, Incorporated is rooted in the belief
that the success of every organization, large or small,
is reliant upon the quality of its leadership and its
ability to neutralize whatever obstacles may come its

Leadership development and crisis management are
at the core of our business.  Call upon us to help
guide you through general or specific issues that
your organization may be having.
We make difference-making
more than an exercise.
Leadership Development²
Crisis Management
Counseling – Coaching – Consulting – Caring
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October 16, 2018 Swearing In Ceremony
Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists
Mayor Jeff Williams, along with Mayor
Pro Tempore, Michael Glaspie, proclaim
May 7, 2019
Chaplain Rich Stoglin
in honor of his service to his
country and to his community.  
On Veteran's Day, November 11, 2019, Congressman Ron
Wright presented the Congressional Veteran
Commendation to Chaplain Rich Stoglin, recognizing his
outstanding and valuable service to the country and his
continued service to the community.