"Chaplain Stoglin brings his long military
career experience into his work of serving the
community and helping others succeed
through the development of leadership skills
and strategies to overcome challenges they
may face in their business and personal
            Former Mayor Richard Greene
            City of Arlington, TX      
We make difference-making
more than an exercise.
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"The Stoglin Group is a company of
distinction because of their professionalism
and devotion to quality outcomes!"
                                  Devoyd Jennings
"I have known Chaplain Rich Stoglin
for many years.  He is both a trusted
friend and fraternity brother, as well
as a reliable community partner.  His
word is his bond and if he commits
to do a thing, he will get it done, no
matter what."
           Roy Charles Brooks,
           Tarrant County
           Precinct One
"Chaplain Stoglin continues to be an incredible resource for
our community and citizens.  He brings incredible
experience from his time as Chaplain in the military, service
on City and Chamber of Commerce committees, and as a
committed citizen of our community.  You can rely on the
Chaplain to always be professional, prompt, and thorough in
all of his responsibilities.  The Chaplain is dedicated and
someone I can always rely on to take initiative and get a job
                                                       Mayor Jeff Williams
                                                       City of Arlington, TX
"I'm honored to have worked
with you; your level of
integrity and determination
are without compare.  The
future holds many
challenges.  With you and
other leaders like you by my
side, it's difficult for any
obstacle to remain standing.  
Together, we shall succeed."
                   Andy Nguyen,
                   Tarrant County
                   Precinct 2
"I have had the privilege of
getting to know and work
with chaplain Rich Stoglin
and he is a man of great
integrity and insight."

              Michael Glaspie
              Council member
              City of ARlington, tx
              District 8
"Chaplain Rich Stoglin has demonstrated the ability to "make a difference" throughout his career.
It has been my pleasure to serve with him on critical community initiatives and watch him exert his
leadership to achieve positive results.  He was one of the key influencers that led the City of
Arlington to enact a Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) policy that has
achieved historic results."
                                                                                                  Michael Jacobson
                                                                                                  Arlington Chamber of Commerce